Moscow Views Kiev’s Efforts to Reclaim Crimea as Threat of Aggression against Its Regions

Moscow considers Kiev’s efforts to reclaim Crimea as illegitimate, they represent a threat of aggression against two Russian regions, TASS reports citing spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“All efforts by Kiev to reclaim Crimea are illegitimate and cannot be interpreted in any other way but a threat of aggression against two Russian [federal] subjects. We reiterate that we will consider participation of any states or organizations in such activities, including the Crimean Platform initiative, as a hostile act against Russia and direct encroachment on its territorial integrity,” she noted.

The diplomat drew attention to the latest remarks by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba who “announced certain three ‘pillars’ which the policy of ‘returning’ Crimea and Sevastopol will be based on.” “It is about the new strategy of ‘de-occupation’ adopted by the National Security and Defense Council [of Ukraine], the Crimean Platform initiative and ‘restoring international law.’ It can be confidently said that you can last long on these flimsy ‘pillars.’ No ‘strategies’ of underhand work against Crimeans, including sanctions and the water blockade, can regain their trust,” Zakharova pointed out.

She emphasized that the Kiev authorities “unashamedly trample upon international law” behind the screen of Western curators. “Their policy of total forceful Ukrainization, encouragement of Neo-Nazism, violation of language, cultural and educational rights of national minorities and Russian-speaking citizens, fight against dissent, propaganda of Russophobia and crackdown on the information space, it all pushes not only Russia’s Crimea but also regions and citizens of Ukraine itself away from Kiev,” the statement reads.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky announced creation of the Crimean Platform to coordinate efforts on the international level to reinstate Ukrainian jurisdiction on the peninsula. Zelensky said that he had discussed this initiative with representatives of the EU, the UK, Canada and Turkey.

Kiev’s plan stipulates that the Crimean Platform should be launched with a so-called inauguration summit scheduled for August 23, 2021 in the Ukrainian capital. It is still unclear who will attend the summit. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry informed that it is engaged in sending out invitations to foreign leaders and would not reveal the official list of representatives until it receives official confirmations. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba reported that Kiev is ready to invite a delegation from Moscow as well.