Perm Shooting Tragedy Highlights the Necessity for Colleges’ Security Structures to Be Overhauled

According to specialists contacted by Izvestia who remarked on the Perm tragedy, the law banning the possession of weapons from the age of 21, which enters into effect in June 2022, may help protect educational institutions from attacks by their own students.

An 18-year-old Perm State University law student went on a shooting rampage, murdering six people. Compliance with existing regulations for protecting colleges and universities and their financing is also a problem, according to experts. According to experts, strengthening control over this area may be the solution.

Before the amendments went into effect, the 18-year-old student shooter acquired both a permit and a weapon, raising the age restriction for possessing sports and smooth-bore long-barreled weapons for self-defense from 18 to 21. The legislation will go into effect on June 28, 2022.

“It is now imperative that the issue of psychiatrists’ personal responsibility when providing medical reports be addressed.” These are official examinations that take just a few minutes. Additionally, we know that private security firms are in charge of protecting educational facilities.

“Guards at such businesses are often not competent security experts,” said Anatoly Vyborny, a State Duma official.

“Guards at such businesses are often not qualified security experts,” said Anatoly Vyborny, a State Duma official. He went on to explain that the finest security guards are moving into transportation and other sectors in pursuit of better working conditions.

“It would be inappropriate to tighten weapons restrictions further,” said member of the State Duma  to the newspaper. 

“The law increasing the age minimum for gun ownership is set to take effect soon.” “Preventive measures, as well as training to inform students to follow the rule of law, authorities, and one another,” he added.