Putin: Attempts to Deter Russia Intensify as It Grows Stronger

The policy of deterring Russia is intensifying as the country grows stronger, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday during a meeting with editors-in-chief of Russian media outlets, TASS reported.

“As soon as we began to stabilize, to get back to our feet – the policy of deterrence followed immediately,” he said in a fragment of the meeting, aired by the Rossiya-24 TV channel

“And as we grew stronger, this policy of deterrence was being conducted more and more intensely,” Putin added.

Putin is convinced that Russia’s potential adversaries are becoming more and more irked by its successes.

“We have lots of achievements. And this is starting to annoy them,” the Russian leader said, speaking about Russia’s opponents and potential adversaries.

In his words, Russia’s influence in the post-Soviet space is growing, and the West will use ambitious and power-hungry people to counter it.

“Our influence in the post-Soviet space has been growing no matter what, despite all difficulties,” Putin said. “This causes concern [among Western powers]. And this is where they will try to pull us back.”

Russia’s adversaries use ambitious, power-hungry people to achieve their goals, the Russian leader continued.

“From the dawn of time, our opponents or potential adversaries <…> always relied on very ambitious and power-hungry people, always used them,” Putin said. “There is nothing new about it. I see nothing new. Too many ambitions, too much energy, they are too eager to earn loads of money, to sweep into power. And all of this is simply being exploited most actively.”