Putin’s News Conference to Have ‘Unusual Format’ with Direct Line Features: Kremlin

Vladimir Putin’s annual year-end news conference is being prepared for. This year it will have an unusual format with some “direct line” features, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told the media, according to TASS.

“It is true that we are making preparations for President Putin’s annual news conference. Clearly, by virtue of certain reasons it will have an unusual format,” Peskov said. Asked if the new format implied some “direct line” features, the Kremlin official said: “There is such an idea. It’s true it will be so.”

Peskov promised to announce the date of the news conference on time and also to describe the details of the new procedure.

“We are working on it with the aim to ensure the opportunities for contacts between journalists of regional, federal and foreign mass media and the Russian head of state should be in no way limited,” Peskov said.

“Naturally, we proceed from the assumption that at certain sites – we will let you know what sites specifically – journalists will be present personally. True, the situation is evolving regardless of our intentions. We are adjusting our plans on the daily basis depending on the epidemiological situation,” Peskov said, adding that at this point it was impossible to anticipate events.