Russian Military Base in Tajikistan to Receive New Tanks

Image credit: EPA

Russia plans to outfit its military station in Tajikistan, which borders Afghanistan, with 30 additional tanks by the end of the year, Reuters reported citing Interfax.

Since the U.S. army departure from Afghanistan and the Taliban’s rapid takeover, Moscow has undertaken military drills in Tajikistan and increased the weaponry at the facility, which is its largest in a foreign nation.

Russia is concerned about the ramifications for the rest of the area, as well as the prospect of Islamist terrorists invading Central Asia, which it regards as a southern defense barrier.

Tajikistan’s border with Afghanistan is 1,344 kilometers (835 miles) long, with much of it being hilly and difficult to patrol.

The tank unit commander of Russia’s Central Military District, Khanif Beglov, was reported by Interfax as stating that 30 new tanks will be stationed at the base by the end of the year to replace outdated combat vehicles.