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Putin’s Party Says Secures Parliament Supermajority

President Vladimir Putin's United Russia party claimed a clear victory in legislative and regional elections plagued by numerous voting fraud allegations after an extraordinary...

Launching Nord Stream 2 to Ensure Relationship with Berlin

The next German administration will not be able to stop Nord Stream 2, but it may begin to renegotiate individual agreements with Russia on...

US Department of Commerce Collects Opinions for and against the Market Status of the...

The US Department of Commerce has completed the solicitation of opinions from market participants on the consistency of Russia's economy and market position. The...

Russian Authorities Hammering Out Tax Reform on Both Production and Profit for Steel Companies

A four-day marathon of talks between Russian steel firms and government officials on the mining industry's taxation structure has come to an end. First...

Six Dead in Russian University Shooting

Authorities reported Monday that at least six people were killed and others were wounded when a student opened fire on a Russian university campus,...

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