DDoS Attacks against Russian Companies Expected to Surge


The number of DDoS assaults on Russian businesses increased 2.5-fold in the first three quarters of this year compared to the same period last year. Furthermore, specialists informed Izvestia that as the number of assaults has increased, so has their average strength. The number of DDoS assaults will continue to increase until the end of 2021.

“2021 has become amazing in terms of speeds and methods for coordinating DDoS assaults, and the technology will continue to grow since there are more than enough unsolved issues in the industry and vulnerable businesses,” Qrator Labs CEO and founder Alexander Lyamin told the publication.

According to experts in the IT sector, such assaults are increasingly being planned by companies as a weapon for competing. The issue is worsened by the fact that the cost of planning DDoS assaults in 2021 has dropped substantially.

The quantity and intensity of assaults will certainly increase, and this will now be assisted by 5G technology, which allows a high-speed connection of devices to the Internet of Things but is currently relatively uncommon, according to StormWall CEO and co-founder Ramil Khantimirov.

According to the publication, the increase in DDoS assaults is linked to active digitization and lockdowns. According to current estimates, the Russian internet market may reach 3.478 trillion rubles ($48.9 billion) by the end of 2021, up from 3.221 trillion rubles ($45.4 billion) in 2020.