Engine Malfunction Causes Su-35 Pilot to Crash Land

Image credit: EPA

According to Russian military reports, a Russian Air Force Su-35 fighter jet, also known by it’s name Flanker-E, as given by NATO, had an engine failure and fell into the Sea of Okhotsk in Russia’s Khabarovsk Territory, Sputnik News reported.

When the accident took place, the plane was on an exercise mission. The pilot was able to safely eject from the aircraft and land. A search and rescue team subsequently located him, and he was safely transferred to his military post. According to the Russian military, his health is not at risk.

The Eastern Military District of the United States of America has begun an inquiry into the accident and what had caused the crash.

The Su-35 is a fourth-generation Russian aircraft that has been updated. Su-35 aircraft are modeled on the Su-27 and Su-30 warplanes that were built in 1989, although they include modern systems and equipment, including those designed for fifth-generation fighters. Su-35 fighters from Russia can fly up to 3,400 kilometers from their base and haul up to one dozen bombs or projectiles.