Kaspersky Lab to Introduce Smartphone With Secure OS

Smartphones with a protected operating system from Kaspersky will appear in 2021, the head of Kaspersky Lab Eugene Kaspersky told RIA Novosti in an interview. According to him, the company has already agreed to install the new OS with a Chinese smartphone manufacturer. However, Kaspersky does not disclose the name of the company, ICT Moscow writes.

“Now we have two or three dozen ‘pilot projects’ both in Russia and abroad – Europe, Asia, the CIS countries. What we are already ready to supply is an operating system for the Internet of Things – industrial and any other. And for phones and tablets it will be ready next year,” Kaspersky said.

A smartphone with the Kaspersky operating system will have basic applications and its own browser. The presence of an application store on such an OS is not yet expected. “So far, we do not assume that we will have any AppStore, but something similar should appear in the future. Most likely, first we will make our own, and then we will be ready to attract other app stores. We understand that this project will not take off without a large ecosystem, so we are ready to attract partners,” said Kaspersky.