Medvedev: Russia Should Have Full Arsenal of Influence on Digital Giants

Nothing prevents international digital behemoths from functioning in Russia as long as they follow Russian law, according to Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, in an interview with the RT TV station.

“We should have a complete armory of influence on these digital behemoths. But it doesn’t mean we should outlaw them. On the contrary, if they follow all of the rules, that is fine “, Medvedev was commenting on a law that allows major foreign social networks, video hosting services, search engines, and other Internet platforms to be restricted from operating in the Russian Federation if they violate Russian Federation legislation.

He emphasized that foreign IT behemoths “meddled in Russian political life” during the State Duma elections. 

“It’s a shambles,” he says. “Yes, at some point, [they] cooperated with Roskomnadzor’s (Russia’s mass media watchdog) ruling and ceased this conduct. It came to a halt on the day of the election. Previously, this machinery spread these videoclips with a guy who is doing time for his illegal conduct ,” Medvedev added, emphasizing that foreign platforms tried to “push forth their agenda in the foreign nation in this manner.”

“That is why we must unavoidably respond to this,” Medvedev said, emphasizing that this law provides for limiting, banning, slowing down, and punishing key social networks and IT platforms.

“It’s not just the wagging of the finger. It might be a more severe judgment, perhaps a ban on their activities “explained the Deputy Chairman. He also emphasized that, rather than “forbidding them,” there should be “certain regulations that allow for influencing [their conduct].” Medvedev went on to say that the United States would also adopt laws in this area “The same things happen in Europe. They recognized that it may influence international political campaigns and people’s will, and the EU is worried about this.”

Medvedev noted that from January 1, international internet sites with a daily audience of more than 500,000 Russian users would be required to register. “I believe that this regulation enables us to influence the policy of these businesses in our nation,” stated the Russian Security Council’s deputy chairman. “They must abide by these choices.”

According to him, having an affiliate in a nation where the digital platform has 10 million users is not uncommon. “You make money from this activity in a foreign nation while disregarding the laws of that country. That is a difficult concept for humans to grasp. I am sure that such legislation will emerge in any nation” he said.

“I, too, am a user of social media. They’re both helpful and fascinating. Simply follow some of the host country’s laws and legislation “, Medvedev came to an end.