Moscow Electronic School Helps Cope with the Challenges of the Pandemic

The Moscow Electronic School project (MES) has helped cope with the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic in the field of education. Modern information technologies are helping teachers and students organize effective educational processes.

According to Sergey Sobyanin, the Mayor of Moscow, all the data shows that the city and its residents have coped well with the challenges posed by the coronavirus. In his opinion, much of the credit for this goes to Moscow E-School,which provided an uninterrupted educational process for all schoolchildren of the capital. At the same time, the pandemic itself provided a strong impetus for the rapid development of electronic services.

School education is currently proceeding as normal, and despite the ever-improving education technologies, the key figure is still the teacher. According to Sobyanin, the teacher is always at the center of the entire learning system, which aims to ensure that each child receives the required knowledge and a good upbringing.

The services offered through the MES project are being developed jointly by Moscow’s Department of Education and Science and Department of Information Technology. The MES Library hosts over 2 million units of educational content: over 50,000 lesson plans, almost 10,000 video lessons, over 2,000 digital teaching aids, 348 textbooks, almost 140,000 interactive educational apps, 11 unique virtual laboratories and 245 works of fiction.