Rogozin Announces an Unidentified Object Will Approach ISS on July 8

Photo: EPA

On Thursday afternoon, an unknown object will approach the International Space Station (ISS), but Russia is watching the situation, there is no threat, Dmitry Rogozin, the general director of Roscosmos, stated on Wednesday.

The Russian side only agrees on the distance assessment, according to the chairman of Roscosmos, TASS reports.

He stated, “We do not confirm the threat; we continue to monitor.”

In an interview with TASS earlier this year, Igor Bakaras, the head of TsNIIMash JSC’s (part of Roscosmos) information and analytical center, said that the Russian Automated Warning System for Hazardous Situations in Near-Earth Space (ASPOS OKP) recorded 220 dangerous approaches of the ISS with space debris in 2020.

To avoid collisions with space junk, experts had to modify the station’s orbit twice last year.