Roscosmos Patented an Explosive Device

The state corporation Roscosmos received a patent for an “explosive device for creating a shock wave”, which can be used for experiments on working out the strength of structures in mechanical engineering and the oil and gas industry, according to the description of the invention published by Rospatent, RIA Novosti reported.

“The invention relates to the field of experimental testing of the strength of structures under the action of impulsive loads and can be used, in particular, to confirm the strength of structures in various engineering industries, as well as products of the oil and gas industry, which are subject to strength requirements under explosive conditions,” according to a description of the patent.

The invention is intended to increase the reliability and accuracy of experimental results.
In the description of the patent, the external view of the device is also given – a cassette in the form of a parallelepiped, consisting of covers, end and side strips. Explosive charges are mounted on the end plate.

The press service of Roscosmos was unable to promptly comment on the need to develop an explosive device to RIA Novosti.