Russia Sees Open Censorship From Twitter, Facebook, Diplomat Claims

Russia is facing open censorship from US IT giants daily, spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said Friday speaking at the Fifth BRICS Young Diplomats Forum, TASS reported.

“One of the dangers in this sphere is monopolization of the online space and domination of only Western and US in particular corporations as well as lack of transparency and universally accepted rules,” she said. “We are witnessing this in our work daily and also see open censorship from Twitter and Facebook for example when Russian media outlets without investigation or trial are tagged as allegedly unreliable and when they are deleted from searches and blocked and their accounts are deleted.”

According to the diplomat, the US is engaging in a “witch hunt” when ordinary users, experts and journalists who disagree with Washington’s policy are blasted as “Russian bots and trolls” and stripped of the opportunity to express their opinions.