Russia’s Digitalization Plans Fulfilled within Weeks during Pandemic

The pandemic significantly accelerated the development and implementation of digital technologies in Russia and some projects were fulfilled within weeks and even days, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko said in an interview with a TASS project on occasion of the pandemic anniversary, TASS reported.

“Before the pandemic the plans on digitalization and developing new breakthrough technologies had a timeframe of three-five years. But last year showed that a new reality is dictating its terms. Online formats of carrying out business, remote and state services, artificial intelligence technologies are topical as never before. We developed and launched just in time many of these areas within weeks and even days. We had a serious impetus for switching the format of cooperation between citizens and the state to digital in order to help as many people as possible,” he noted.

During self-isolation, Russians were provided with 40 new socially important state services on the portal and the number of registered users hit 75.5 mln. The traffic of the portal grew to 5 mln per day on average or 3 mln more than before the coronavirus pandemic.

According to Chernyshenko, now the world is changing and is becoming more pragmatic, fast and technological. “Today the idea and speed of implementing it prevails over stereotypes and traditions. Effectiveness and its result is the most important thing,” he stated.