Passengers Who Travel Light Will Pay Lower Fares for Aeroflot Flights

Russia’s state-owned airline Aeroflot will introduce hand luggage-only fares for some of its medium-haul flights at the beginning of April, Kommersant reported on Tuesday.

The new fares come after increased passenger demand for charges to reflect this lighter style of travel. The discounts will apply to select flights operated by Aeroflot and its subsidiary Rossiya Airlines to some German and Italian cities.

“Now we can offer the best option for those who want to travel light and on a budget, and for those who want to get a premium flight experience,” Andrei Chikhanchin, deputy CEO for commerce and finance at Aeroflot, said in a statement.

“In some areas, the plane fare discount will be up to 30 percent,” Aeroflot said.

All Aeroflot and Rossiya Airlines flights will continue to offer normal economy class fare options at no extra cost, including free checked baggage, Kommersant reported.

Earlier this year, budget airline Pobeda, another Aeroflot subsidiary, was ordered by Russia’s Supreme Court to allow backpacks and other items as free hand luggage following numerous complaints and lawsuits from passengers.