Russia Further Suspends Flights to the UK, Says Air Transport Agency

Russia has extended suspension of flights to the UK until June 1, according to a telegram of Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency sent to carriers. Earlier imposed flight restrictions were in place until April 16, TASS reported.

“In accordance with the decision of the emergency response center to prevent the import and the spread of the novel coronavirus infection across Russia, regular and not regular passenger flights between the Russian Federation and the UK are suspended from 00:00 Moscow time on April 15, 2021 until 23:59 Moscow time on June 1, 2021,” said the telegram, whose text was made available to TASS.

Under the telegram, the airlines can operate only certain business aviation flights, each of them necessitating permission from the emergency response center.

Flights to and from the UK were suspended on December 22, 2020 amid the spread of a new coronavirus strain in the UK. A ban on flights has been repeatedly extended.

Besides, Russia restricts air communication with Turkey and suspends flights to Tanzania from Thursday, April 15 until June 1 in line with the decision of the federal anti-coronavirus crisis center, given the coronavirus situation in these countries.