Russian Low-cost Carrier Pobeda Announces Increase in Ticket Fees

Russian low-cost carrier Pobeda will raise its ticket fees by 5 euros starting Monday October 28, a spokesperson for the company informed reporters. The raised fees will apply to tickets from foreign airports to Russia due to the cancellation of paid check-in procedure at foreign airports. Earlier, the company informed that it plans to raise ticket fares by 25 euros, TASS informs.

“We urge all our clients to continue checking in online. Then we will raise our fees by only 5 euros,” the Pobeda spokesperson informed, noting that the ticket fees will increase starting October 28.

Earlier, the lowcoster informed that starting October 28, 2019, Pobeda would raise its fees for all flights from airports outside of Russia by 25 euros. They explained the measure by “adherence to the decision of the Moscow City Court”, according to which the company had to include the check-in fee at foreign airports in the ticket price.

On October 8, the Moscow City Court ruled that the lowcoster cannot charge an additional check-in fee at the airport counter on flights to Russia. The company stated that it plans to appeal the decision.