Sheremetyevo Airport Organized Special Events and Services for War Survivors During Victory Day Celebration

Image source: SVO

Sheremetyevo International Airport offered special services and privileges to persons who survived the Second World War as part of its celebration of May 9, Victory Day.

Free admission to the VIP and business lounges, personal escorts and free parking and meals, were provided to military veterans, civilian war participants, war workers, siege survivors and concentration camp survivors.

All of Sheremetyevo’s terminals were decorated with the traditional symbols of Victory Day, and broadcasted patriotic videos on hundreds of the airport’s media screens. Sheremetyevo’s employees also decorated their uniforms with symbolic St. George ribbons.

A traditional rally was held with the participation of veterans and airport staff in the village of Nosovo at the Memorial to the Fallen Soldiers. On May 8, Terminal B hosted the Blue Victory Shawl dance flash mob organized under the auspices of the Russian Land Charity Fund with the participation of Rossiya Airlines.

Flight attendants, airline pilots and volunteers danced a waltz and performed a capella songs of the war years for passengers and guests of the airport. A team of volunteers for the Blue Shawl Women Support and Peace Building program of the Russian Land Foundation will distribute blue shawls to the audience – a symbol of a peaceful sky and female fidelity.

Sheremetyevo also has joined the All-Russian civic and patriotic event “Memorial March Online.” Passengers and guests of Sheremetyevo can learn how to join the All-Russian online march through videos broadcast on media screens in the terminals and at the airport’s landside areas and join the rest of the country in honoring the memory of their brave grandfathers and great-grandfathers – war heroes.