Skytrax Ranks Sheremetyevo Among the World’s Top-10 Airports in Its Category

Terminal D, Sheremetievo, Moscow, Russia. August, 26, 2013. Photo by Katerina Mezhekova for Sheremetievo.

Sheremetyevo International Airport is one of the ten best airports in the world in the category of airports serving 40-50 million passengers per year, according to the World’s Best Airports by Passenger Numbers 2020 ranking. The rating is based on a survey of passengers by the Skytrax international agency as part of the performance assessment of the World Airport Awards 2020.

The World Airport Awards is one of the most prestigious awards in the airport industry. Airports are selected for the award based on a poll of passengers by the reputable international agency Skytrax. The study for the 2020 awards was conducted over a 6-month period at 550 airports around the world. During the survey, travelers evaluated the services provided at the airport according to key criteria, including convenience during check-in and pre-flight inspection, comfort and cleanliness of terminals, courtesy and quality of services staff and quality of catering service.

Continuous improvement of services for passengers is one of the key priorities at Sheremetyevo Airport and is being achieved through the planned advance development of infrastructure, an effective management system, and the introduction of innovative technologies and solutions. The effectiveness of the large-scale investments in infrastructure and modernization at Sheremetyevo Airport was validated when Skytrax gave its highest rating—5 Stars—to Terminal B in 2019 based on a comprehensive audit. This recognition indicates that the newest passenger terminals of the Northern Terminal Complex meet the high standards and requirements for Skytrax 5-Star airports, an objective that was taken into account at the design stage.

Within the framework of its Long-term Development Program, Sheremetyevo is developing the technological infrastructure at a faster pace and introducing industry best practices for improving the quality of passenger service, focusing on the leaders of the Skytrax rating. Effective services at Sheremetyevo are built on having highly qualified and customer-oriented personnel who strive to continually improve the quality of services and to a strong corporate culture that seeks to innovate and to develop and motivate its staff.

The World Airport Awards were first awarded in 1999 when Skytrax, an international agency, conducted its first global customer satisfaction survey at airports. The award, which assesses the level of service and infrastructure development at more than 550 airports in the world, is considered the quality standard for the global airport industry.

Sheremetyevo International Airport is among the TOP-10 airports hubs in Europe, the largest Russian airport in terms of passenger and cargo traffic. In 2019, the airport served 49 million 933 thousand passengers, which was 8.9% more than in 2018.