Missing Plane in Siberia Spotted

A plane carrying 17 passengers that went missing in the Siberian area of Tomsk on Friday has been recovered, and survivors have been sighted, according to Russian officials.

“The location of the plane’s hard landing has been found. They saw live beings “According to a statement issued by Russia’s emergency ministry.

According to local news outlets quoting aviation authorities, a Russian An-28 passenger jet carrying 17 people went missing on a flight in the Siberian area of Tomsk on Friday.

According to the news organizations RIA Novosti, TASS, and Interfax, the jet vanished from radars with 17 passengers on board.

According to Interfax and TASS, there are 13 passengers on board.

According to Interfax, the jet was carrying out a trip for small carrier Siberian Light Aviation and was scheduled to land in Tomsk, the regional capital.

According to accounts, the plane’s emergency beacon was triggered, and a search was begun.

The event follows the death of all 28 passengers on board an An-26 jet earlier this month in Russia’s remote eastern Kamchatka region.

Antonov planes were produced during the Soviet period and are currently utilized for commercial and military transport across the former USSR. In recent years, they have been engaged in a number of accidents.