Sheremetyevo Welcomes Russian Olympic Champions


The Russian Olympic Committee already has 62 medals in Tokyo, and some of the Olympians who have completed their performances returned to Russia with their heads held high.

Among those who arrived at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo were wrestlers Musa Yevloyev and Zaur Uguyev. The champions were greeted with their fans’ gratitude, kind words, and real joy.

The Olympians thanked their audience for the support, without which their success would have been impossible.

“It is very pleasant when so many people came to support, it makes me very happy. This gives a certain incentive so that we do not stop. We will move to make so many people happy,” Musa Yevloyev said.

“Now I would like to come home, see my family. Then there will be happiness in reality. I want to dedicate the victory to my father. He was very worried, sick. This is a medal for my father,” said Zaur Uguyev.