Moscow Regional Authorities to Provide Financial Aid for Local Cheesemakers

The authorities of the Moscow region will resume state support for cheesemakers from 2022, providing financial aid up to 100 million rubles, the Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Moscow Region, Sergei Voskresensky said.

The maximum grant amount will be 35 million rubles. The money can be spent on the construction and repair of cheese dairies, as well as on the purchase of equipment.

The authorities of the Moscow region have also provided state support to farmers with children. “Last year we gave a 50% subsidy for the purchase of equipment,” Voskresensky emphasized.

The All-Russian Gastronomic Festival “Cheese. Feast. World” is being held at the Russian Parmesan cheese factory in Istra. More than 700 farmers from 54 regions of Russia will take part in the event, which will last until August 29.