Belarus Has China and Russia to Rely On, Foreign Minister Makei Says

Image credit: EPA

Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei said on Monday at a conference for chiefs of diplomatic missions and consular offices that Belarus can rely on its strategic allies, Russia and China, in dealing with new problems, particularly related to a hybrid conflict.

Any difficulty, according to the Belarusian top diplomat, always brings new possibilities, which must be discovered quickly and efficiently. Belarus “has someone to rely on” in this sense.

These new difficulties, according to Belarus’s diplomacy head, necessitate well-thought-out and diversified solutions in the future, TASS reports.

Makei highlighted that the foreign policy and economic climate have altered drastically in the last year, posing new difficulties for our country, particularly connected to the hybrid conflict.

The West has launched a financial and economic war on Belarus, which will need not only swift but also well-considered and diversified answers in the future.