Murmansk Region to Raise Cow’s Milk Tariff

Image credit: EPA

The Murmansk region’s officials have agreed to raise the tariff on cow’s milk by more than half, to 10.6 thousand rubles per ton, Governor Andrei Chibis announced during a regional government operational meeting, RIA Novosti reports.

“Recognizing that the cost of milk production is increasing year after year, we took the decision to increase the rate by more than 50%, and the rate will be 10.6 thousand rubles per ton.  The money will be distributed to all 17 companies in the region in November,” stated the region’s chief.

Chibis also stated that, despite severe weather circumstances, the region has witnessed an improvement in agricultural production since 2020 – a 4% gain over 2019.

“Farms in the region made a major contribution to the expansion of production indices, increasing meat and egg output by more than 20%. This is an excellent indicator. In addition, we have restarted production of local dietetic eggs at Tuloma’s facilities,” Chibis developed.

In general, the region’s agricultural industry will get governmental support in the amount of more than 586 million rubles in 2021, with 364 million of that coming from the regional budget. At a regional government operational meeting, Olga Kuznetsova, Deputy Governor of the Murmansk Region, revealed this.

The agriculture sector of the region employs around 3,000 people in total. There are around 20 big food producers, 10 agricultural groups, and 29 peasant farms in the Murmansk region’s area, 15 of which are grantees.