Oatmeal Rises in Price for First Time in 20 years

According to Rosstat, the average retail price for oat flakes rose to 80.5 rubles per 1 kg – the highest price since 2000. In August and September 2020, 1 kg of oatmeal cost 72.1 rubles.

Oatmeal prices are rising due to poor oat harvest. At the same time, the Ministry of Agriculture notes that there is no shortage of oats in Russia.

Meanwhile, prices for oatmeal, including instant oatmeal, rose in January-August by 15% in annual terms to 94 rubles for 1 kg, RBC notes.

Suppliers have raised prices for oatmeal by 20%, said a representative of the Lenta retail chain.

In the largest trading network of Eastern Siberia, “Komandor” oat flakes have risen in price by almost 15%.