Bank of Russia to Issue “Golden Chervonets”

Image credit: EPA

The Bank of Russia approved a plan for issuing commemorative and investment coins in 2023, Russian media reported.

In particular, the Central Bank will issue an investment coin “Golden Chervonets”, thus marking the 100th anniversary of the symbol of strengthening the monetary system of the USSR after the end of the Civil War of 1918-1922.

The circulation will be 500 thousand pieces of coins in denomination of 10 rubles, containing 7.78 grams of 999-carat gold.

In addition, coins “George the Victorious” with denominations of 25, 100 and 200 rubles will be put into circulation.

The Central Bank will also issue a commemorative gold coin “100th Anniversary of the Golden Chervonets” with a denomination of 50 rubles. with a circulation of 1 thousand pieces.

Under Nicholas II in 1898-1911 in Russia, gold coins of several denominations were minted from an alloy of 900-carat gold, including coins with a denomination of 10 rubles.

In 1922, the USSR began to issue the Soviet chervonets with a denomination of 10 rubles. The total circulation was in 1923-1924. 2.75 million pieces.

The State Bank of the USSR was issued in 1975-1982. coins of the type of chervonets sample of 1923 with the emblem of the RSFSR and new dates of issue.

In 2006, the Bank of Russia issued the first gold investment coins of 999-carat gold with the image of St. George the Victorious; the new coin replaced the 900-carat gold ducat.