Ukraine Appeals WTO Decision in Russia Railway Dispute

Ukrainian authorities filed an appeal against the decision taken by the World Trade Organization (WTO) in a dispute with Russia concerning railway equipment, said a press release posted on the organization’s website on Monday, according to Izvestya.

“Ukraine filed an appeal on 27 August concerning the WTO panel report in the case brought by Ukraine in “Russia Measures Affecting the Importation of Railway Equipment and Parts thereof” (DS499). The panel circulated its report on 30 July 2018,” the statement says.

“Each appeal is heard by three members of a permanent seven-member Appellate Body comprising persons of recognized authority and unaffiliated with any government,” the WTO notes.

“The Appellate Body membership broadly represents the geographic range of WTO membership, with each member appointed for a fixed term. Generally, the Appellate Body has up to 3 months to conclude its report,” it says.

Russia will not file a counter-appeal to the WTO in the dispute and will comment on the Ukrainian appeal within the procedural framework, press service of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development told TASS.

“Russia will give comments on the Ukraine’s appeal in accordance with the procedure. We will not present our appeal,” the ministry said.

In October 2015, Ukraine filed a claim to the WTO against Russia in respect of restrictions on supplies of Ukrainian railcars and turnouts. According to the report published by the WTO panel at the turn of July 2018, Ukraine failed to prove facts of import prevention and alleged violations of WTO provisions by Russia.