Arctic Shows Promise for Wind Turbines, Expert Says

The Arctic region has large potential for generating power from wind turbines, energy expert and CEO of Altren (Alternative and Renewable Energy Competence Center) Andrei Redkin told TASS news agency.

The expert will moderate a panel on renewable energy for isolated Arctic territories at the ARWE-2019 international forum on renewable energy, planned to be held on May 23.

“A very big promising area to use wind turbines is remote isolated energy systems,” he said. “And inside those stand separately the Arctic territories and their neighboring territories.”

The expert told TASS about new international solutions for isolated and remote energy systems.

“They have been implemented in remote areas – in Alaska, Peru, South Africa, Canada,” he continued. “A similar niche in Russia is not taken by anyone, there are a few experiments, but as yet they are either not really successful, or not finished.”

Usually, electricity tariffs in such areas are top high. “Costs are economically unreasonable,” he said. “In order to cut the expenses, a share of diesel or any other generation should be replaced there with renewable sources of energy, including the wind and solar energy.”

The All Renewable World Energy international forum (ARWE 2019) is a platform combining a congress, a specialized exhibition and a technical tour for industry experts. Russia’s Ulyanovsk hosts the event since 2018. In 2019, the forum is due on May 22-24. The event focuses on the RES advancement in the Russian Federation, as well as on solutions for efficient cooperation between suppliers and key customers within localization programs.