Belarus Starts Oil Product Transshipment via Russian Ports

Belarus has started transiting its oil products through Russian seaports, the Russian Transport Ministry said in a press release on Saturday, TASS reported.

The press release says that on March 5, more than 5,000 tonnes of Belarusian gasoline was shipped by several trains for transshipment via the Portenergo Terminal (the seaport of Ust-Luga). The first of these trains arrived in Russia on Saturday at 9 am and is expected to reach the Portenergo Terminal on March 9. The Mozyr Oil Refinery acts as the shipper.

Apart from that, a 3,600-tonne consignment of fuel oil was shipped from the Mozyr Oil Refinery for transshipment via the St. Petersburg Oil Terminal (the seaport of St. Petersburg) on March 6.

The shipments have taken place in accordance with the intergovernmental agreement signed by Russia and Belarus in February. Under the deal, Belarus starts using Russian seaports for transshipment of its oil products, including fuel oil, gasoline, gasoil and oil. Over 9.8 million tonnes of cargoes are expected to be transshipped in 2021-2023. The agreement stipulates that contracts are based on take-or-pay principle.