Sheremetyevo Airport Launches Live Navigation to Guide Passengers to the Inter-Terminal Crossing

Sheremetyevo International Airport has introduced modern dynamic transfer information to guide people to the ITC (inter-terminal crossing) stations of the northern and southern terminal complexes.

Monitors are located at the staircases leading to the southern and northern station complexes of the ITC. In regular mode, the media panels display information on the walking route to the trains, including locations of escalators and elevators. In the event of a temporary restriction of the ITC operation, the screens display information about alternative transfer options between the southern and northern terminal complexes.

The new navigation system has a bright visual design using dynamic elements, and information is displayed in an enlarged format in order to make it easy to read and to attract the attention of passengers. Messages on the monitors are displayed in English and Chinese.

Sheremetyevo Airport has placed a priority on continuously improving its existing services and introducing of new, modern services, including new ways to give passengers the information they need to move quickly and safely through the airport. Sheremetyevo’s success in this area is borne out by its annual high ranking for quality of services among reputable international rating organizations.