Europe Starts Withdrawing Gas from Half-Empty Storage Facilities

The EU countries and the UK start the heating season from October 1, and their gas storage facilities are only 72% full, while last year the figure was almost 100%, according to the Gas Infrastructure of Europe Association (GIE).

Gas reserves in the EU before the coming winter have become the lowest in the last 10 years, when the economies of European countries were smaller and consumed a third less gas than they do now.

If the winter turns out to be as cold as last year, then the Europeans will have to introduce a rate of energy consumption, as warned by the US administration, Russian media reported.

In the spring of 2021, due to prolonged and severe frosts, the situation was much worse – Europe’s gas reserves fell below 30%.

Now, the least of all reserves in underground storage facilities are in Austria – only 50%. The storage facilities of the Netherlands are 54% full, Portugal 58%. Germany, the largest consumer of Russian gas in Europe, replenished its reserves by 64%.

Gas prices in Europe in the coming winter will be higher than now, the largest European energy company RWE also warned.