Gazprom Says European Gas Needs Completely Met

Photo: EPA

The Russian energy corporation Gazprom declared on October 30 that the needs of European gas users are being completely met, reacting on data from the German business Gascade on the cessation of gas pumping through the Yamal-Europe pipeline, Izvestia reports.

Variations in demand for Russian gas are dependent on their demands, according to the Russian firm.

On Saturday morning, it was revealed that the physical flow via the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline at the entry to the FRG gas transmission system from east to west had plummeted to zero at the start of the gas day. According to the GTS Gascade’s operator, a tiny amount of gas began to flow in the other direction, from west to east, via the pipeline.

The Yamal-Europe transnational gas pipeline, which has a total output of 32.9 billion cubic meters of gas annually, crosses Russia, Belarus, Poland, and Germany. Simultaneously, Polish consumers obtain blue petrol not only outright from Russia, but also via a virtual inverse from Germany.

Gazprom declared on October 25 that it was sending gas to Europe in compliance with customer requests and existing contracts. Gas pumping through the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline fell to 333 thousand cubic meters per hour on that day, down from roughly 0.5 million cubic meters per hour on October 22.

Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed on October 21 that European gas output declined by 22.5 billion cubic meters in the first half of 2021. 18.5 billion cubic meters of water were not pumped into storage facilities throughout Europe. m worth of fuel The head of state went on to say that Europe’s gas scarcity is a man-made product of the European Commission’s economic policies.