Gazprom’s Gas Production in 11 Months Up by 0.7%

Russia’s gas giant Gazprom said on Sunday it’s gas production in January-November reached 454.2 billion cubic meters, or up by 0.7% on the same period last year, TASS reported.

According to Gazprom’s press statement, the company exported 178.5 billion cubic meters of gas in January-November 2019, or 99.3% of what it exported in the same period last year and by 1.8% more than it did in 2017.

Nevertheless, gas exports to a number of countries was increased. Thus, gas exports to Austria went up by 31.4%, to Hungary – by 38.5%, to the Netherlands – by 35.7%, to Slovakia – by 40.6%, to the Czech Republic – by 28.2%, and to France – by eight percent.

Gazprom’s gas production in 2019 is planned to reach 495.1 billion cubic meters. In 2018, the company increased its production by 5.4%, to 497.6 billion cubic meters. Exports grew by 4%, to reach 201.9 billion cubic meters. In 2017, production was 472 billion cubic meters, and export was 194.4 billion cubic meters, TASS adds.

According to Gazprom’s forecasts, gas exports to Europe will range from 194 to 204 billion cubic meters till 2022.