Lukashenko: Belarus Doesn’t Ask Russia for Cheap Gas or Cheap Oil


Belarus does not ask Russia to sell cheap natural gas or cheap crude, but proposes providing equal economic opportunities for enterprises, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said at talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Saturday, TASS reported.

“We do not ask, as some say, for cheap gas or cheap oil. We are ready to buy gas at $200 and oil at $63 per barrel. The main thing is that the opportunities should be equal. If our enterprises buy at $200, therefore competing enterprises should have the same price,” the Belarusian leader said.

Otherwise, it will be impossible to lay the foundation of a relationship within the Union State of Belarus and Russia, he added.

“We have come only to consider the process of our analysis of the treaty [on the Union State – TASS]. We are not asking for anything. We are not insisting on anything. We agreed long ago developing our treaty that individuals and entities should have equal opportunities for life and work. That is all! Equal opportunities and we need nothing else,” Lukashenko noted.