Miller: Gas Reserves in Russia Will Last More than 100 Years

Russia has the world’s largest gas reserves, Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller said at the International Business Congress.

“Gas reserves in Russia, Gazprom’s gas reserves are the largest in the world. And we will not experience problems with our reserves for the next hundred years,” Miller said.

Some of the fields that Gazprom is developing in Yamal will continue to operate until 2132. “Therefore, the prospects for pipeline gas supplies are very large,” Miller emphasized.

Meanwhile, the infrastructure of the Power of Siberia-2 gas pipeline will make it possible to supply gas from Western Siberia “not only to eastern Russia and to large industrial centers of Eastern Siberia, but also to export both to the west and the east,” the head of Gazprom explained, Russian media writes.

Gazprom may sharply increase gas supplies despite growing seasonal differences in demand.

“We have the so-called “saw” of Gazprom. This is our competitive advantage, that we can work, not only bringing our annual volumes to the market… such a peak in daily production for a long time is not in demand at all,” Miller concluded.g