Nord Stream 2 Project to Be Implemented Shortly, Lavrov Says

There are all reasons to believe that the Nord Stream 2 project will be implemented shortly, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Tuesday, TASS informed.

“The participants of Nord Stream 2 company, including Russian, German and other participants, are set to finalize the project. As far as I understand there are reasons to believe that it will be done in the near future,” he told a joint press conference with his German counterpart Heiko Maas on Tuesday.

Moscow considers the exterritorial approach in imposing sanctions, same as the unilateral approach used by the US and EU, unacceptable. “Promoting its unilateral sanctions, the European Union concurrently refrains from their exterritorial use. Whereas the US sees no red lines for itself here, pursuing one simple purpose – to make sure that it has the ability and the right to do everything it pleases, both in global policy and in global economy, and in any field of human activity overall,” Lavrov emphasized.

Washington consistently withdraws from most multisided agreements, organizations and structures that may this or that way be considered as restraining the freedom of the US actions, he noted. “I think that is obvious for all, we assume that and continue our contacts with the United States as the pragmatic approach still requires contacts to be reserved. We are perfectly aware of how Washington acts on the international arena having no scruples about any methods, which is proved by the situation around Nord Stream 2,” the minister said.