Russia Takes Second Place in Petroleum Exports to U.S.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), Russia ranked second in total petroleum shipments to the United States in May 2021, with record-breaking deliveries totaling 26.17 million barrels.

The previous high was achieved in May 2009, when Russia shipped 25.08 million barrels of crude oil and petrochemicals to the United States, TASS reports.

With 125.75 million barrels sent to the United States in May, Canada leads the list of petroleum exporters to the United States, followed by Mexico (22.56 mln barrels).

The majority of Russian petroleum products are sent to the United States. Crude oil exports totaled barely 8.6 million barrels, yet this is the highest number since June 2011. Behind Canada (109.86 million barrels) and Mexico (109.86 million barrels), Russia comes third on the list of oil exports (18.59 mln barrels).

Russian crude oil and petroleum products exports to the United States increased over 2.5-fold year on year in May 2021, with oil supply alone increasing 65 times.

The United States imported 180.65 million barrels of crude oil in May 2021, up 6.1 million barrels from April.