Russia’s Coal Output Down 5.1% in December, Down 9.2% for the Year

Coal production in Russia in December 2020 decreased by 5.1% compared to the same month in 2019 to 35.56 mln tonnes, according to statistics released by the Central Dispatching Department of Fuel Energy Complex (CDU TEK) on Saturday, TASS informed.

At the end of 2020, coal production decreased by 9.2% in annual terms and amounted to 401.367 mln tonnes.

Supplies of Russian coal to the domestic market in the reporting month decreased by 9.7% to 16.54 mln tonnes, and according to the results of the year decreased by 8.6% to 165.424 mln tonnes.

At the same time, export deliveries of Russian coal increased in December by 20.5%, reaching 16.657 mln tonnes, and at the end of the year increased by 0.9% – to 195.09 mln tonnes.

Production of the largest coal companies in January – December 2020: SUEK – 101.179 mln tonnes of coal (down 4.7%), Kuzbassrazrezugol Management Company (part of UMMC) – 40.055 mln tonnes (down 5.9%), SDS-Ugol – 20.191 mln tonnes (-17.8%), Vostsibugol – 12.906 mln tonnes (-12.4%), Southern Kuzbass (part of Mechel) – 10.402 mln tonnes (+19.7%), Yakutugol (part of Mechel) – 5.546 mln tonnes (-5%).