Safmar Group Cleared to Supply 300,000 Tons of Oil to Belarus

Belarusian state-run holding Belneftekhim has confirmed that Russian company Safmar Group can supply 300,000 tons of oil, while UDS Neft can deliver 50,000 tons to Belarus in March, reports.

“I confirm that Safmar Group can supply 300,000 tonnes of oil to Belarus in March and UDS Neft – 50,000 tons. No such negotiations are held on supplies of Rosneft and Tatneft,” a press secretary for Belneftekhim said.

Safmar supplied 500,000 tons of oil to Belarus in January. 450,000 tons of oil were planned to be delivered in February.

Minsk and Moscow have been at loggerheads since January 1, when they failed to agree on oil delivery terms for 2020 and major Russian oil companies suspended pipeline oil supplies to Belarus.

Moscow had been supplying crude oil and oil products to Minsk with no export fee under a duty-free deal between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. But it amended its tax code in 2019 to halt that arrangement.

Russia has proposed new terms for future oil supplies to Belarus to partially compensate Minsk for the cost of taxes introduced last year, Moscow said on Friday, in a sign of potential progress in a two-month row between the two countries.