Coronavirus Booster Campaign Kicks Off in Moscow

Image credit: EPA

Residents of Moscow may get vaccinated against COVID-19 starting July 1 at one of the eight “Healthy Moscow” booths, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced on Thursday.

The mayor stated that any vaccine registered in the Russian Federation can be used for revaccination. In the capital, the Sputnik V (which comes in two doses) and the new Sputnik Light (which is a single dose vaccine) are now accessible for citizens. According to Sobyanin, citizens can pick either of the two regardless which vaccine they were given the first time, TASS reports.

The mayor advised residents not to miss out on the opportunity to benefit from COVID-19’s enhanced protection. According to him, vaccination is required in the present climate of the emergence of a new aggressive strain known as “delta,” which makes the disease much more difficult for many individuals.

According to Sobyanin, the Moscow authorities have proposed revaccination against COVID-19 in collaboration with the Russian Ministry of Health. The population will be revaccinated once a year under normal conditions, according to the proposal.

The mayor also recommended that citizens who had recovered from COVID-19 six months later get vaccinated “regardless of the presence and level of antibodies.”