Coronavirus Case Tally Up 3.14% Since Previous Day

Image credit: EPA

In Russia, 33,208 coronavirus infections were reported throughout the day. This is up 3.14 percent from yesterday’s (32,196), and it’s also a new high, Kommersant reports.

The overall number of instances reached 7,958,384 this time. In total, 21,883 individuals were rescued during the day, for a total of 6,981,907.

A total of 1,002 coronavirus patients have died in the last 24 hours. This is three more individuals than the day before (999), and the highest number since the outbreak began.

The entire death toll has risen to 222,315 people, according to the anti-coronavirus crisis center.

In order to avoid an increase in the incidence of coronavirus, Russian areas have begun to expand the coverage of mandatory vaccination and put limitations on the functioning of catering and cultural and entertainment facilities, with some using the QR code system.

The situation with the coronavirus, according to Denis Protsenko, head physician of the COVID-19 hospital in Kommunarka, is “near to catastrophic.”