Developer: Sputnik V Effective against All Known Coronavirus Strains

Source: Sputnik V Official website

The Sputnik V coronavirus vaccination is effective against all known novel strains, according to Alexander Gintsburg, Director of the Gamaleya National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology, which produced the vaccine, TASS reports.

“The vaccination is totally safe and very effective, as evidenced by its widespread distribution. It is efficient not only against the strains for which it was created, but also against the countless strains that have lately evolved and are continuously attacking us “, he stated.

The researcher expressed hope that the vaccine will continue to be successful in the future, protecting both Russian citizens and the populations of the nations where this vaccine is being administered.

On Wednesday, Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko informed journalists that the Sputnik V vaccination had an 83 percent effectiveness against the coronavirus Delta strain. He also said that its effectiveness against a severe course of the new coronavirus infection exceeds 95%.

“Today, the Sputnik V vaccination shows the most successful outcomes in terms of prophylaxis and combating the Delta strain.” The most recent results show that effectiveness is around 83 percent; this is already Russian data supplied to us by our clinical colleagues,” he added.

The vaccination, according to the health minister, successfully protects against the severe course of the coronavirus illness. “The vaccine almost eliminates the severe course of the new coronavirus infection by more than 95 percent, and, more significantly, it eliminates those major illnesses that necessitate hospitalization.”

“That is, this medication is currently and will continue to be successful,” he said, adding that the vaccination has a good safety profile.

The first anniversary of Sputnik V’s registration in Russia is August 11, 2021, when it became the world’s first officially approved vaccination against coronavirus. Sputnik V exports to other nations began at the end of 2020, with delivery to Belarus. Sputnik V has been approved in 69 countries and territories with a combined population of more than 3.7 billion people as of August 2021. It is used in more than 50 countries for immunization.