Moscow Kicks Off University Vaccination Program

A city official informed state media on Friday that Moscow will initiate a coronavirus immunization program at institutions across the Russian capital, The Moscow Times reports.

So far, 21 colleges, including the famous Moscow State Institute of International Relations, have agreed to provide immunizations on campus (MGIMO), Rakova explained.

Over 100 vaccination locations across the city, including shopping malls and food courts, have been offering free vaccinations to Muscovites over the age of 18 for months.

Residents of Moscow over the age of 65 are also eligible for at-home immunization and a 1,000 ruble ($14) voucher to spend at supermarkets and pharmacies.

Despite the widespread access, the city’s vaccination rate has been slower than hoped with less than 10% of people in Moscow, the epicenter of the pandemic within Russia, vaccinated as of last month, according to Mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

Recent polling by the Levada Center showed a majority of Russians (62%) still not ready to get vaccinated with their country’s Sputnik V jab.