Moscow Opens Registration for COVID-19 Vaccines


Electronic registration for inoculation against the coronavirus has been launched in the capital, TASS reported. In all, 70 vaccination stations were opened in the city, the Moscow Mayor’s official website said.

“First of all, according to the assignment of the Russian President and the Moscow Mayor, we are inoculating the major risk groups. Those are the people who due to their work have to interact more often with a large number of people. Those are employees of the city, federal, and private medical institutions, staff of educational institutions and workers of the city social services. Please note that not only doctors and teachers can receive the vaccine,” the statement quoted Deputy Moscow Mayor Anastasia Rakova as saying.

She added that hospital attendants, school and social workers have lots of contacts with residents and their risk of getting infected is just as great.

“As early as today they can register on their own at one of the 70 stations for a free vaccination against the coronavirus,” the deputy mayor said.

As more vaccines are received by institutions, the list of categories eligible for the inoculation will be expanded. In the future, it will be accessible to all residents of the capital.

The registration is open for two weeks in advance on the Moscow city web portal. The inoculation stations will work daily from 08:00 to 20:00.