Remuneration of Doctors to Begin in December


The Ministry of Labor has published the main parameters of the reform of the remuneration of medical workers, Russian media reported.

The pilot version of the project, which is submitted for public comment, will be launched from December to the end of March 2022.

The goal of the reform is to ensure decent pay for doctors and nurses under the normal workload. The salary of medical workers will consist of a salary and incentive and compensation payments. A protective mechanism is provided so that new earnings cannot be less than the current one.

The salary is formed based on three parameters: the estimated value, set at 13,617 rubles, the coefficient of the complexity of the work performed by position, and the coefficient of regional economic differentiation.

The difficulty factor is set following 16 job groups. The share of salaries will grow: for doctors – up to 57 percent, for junior and middle medical personnel – up to 64 percent.