Sheremetyevo Airport Installs Seven Smoking Booths


Seven smoking booths, each of which can accommodate up to 14 people, have been opened at the Sheremetyevo International Airport, on the station squares of Terminals B, D, E and F, TASS reported.

The measure creates a comfortable environment for smokers, and the booths will serve to protect them from adverse weather conditions. In addition, a high-tech ventilation system provides additional protection for children, non-smokers and airport guests from exposure to tobacco smoke.

The installation of the booths will also improve the cleanliness of the station squares, TASS adds. The smoking booths are equipped with powerful ventilation and filters which neutralize tobacco smoke, infrared heaters, thermostats, as well as two floor ashtrays in each of the booths.

According to RBK, the booths were installed by the “Smoking Place” company, in a contract worth 3.93 million rubles.