Sheremetyevo Announces Measures to Normalize Processing and Delivery of Baggage


The administration of Sheremetyevo International Airport addressed the situation with the baggage claim, announcing measures that will be taken to normalize these concerns.

The First Deputy General Director of JSC SIA on production, Andrey Nikulin, held a press briefing and apologized to Russian and foreign passengers, whose baggage was not delivered in time.

Nikulin said that the management and the entire team of SIA Group of Companies would take all necessary measures to stabilize the situation and comply with technological standards.

In Sheremetyevo, an operational headquarters was created from the top management of the SIA Group of Companies. The operational measures for resolving the issue will include the selection and training of missing personnel.

About 500 people are now undergoing mandatory employment and training procedures. For the period of employment and training partner companies’ staff. The management of the Moscow Metro made a significant contribution, sending its employees to temporary employment, who quickly and efficiently began to fulfill their job duties, the airport said in a press release.

Work has been done to attract labor resources for the future (interaction with special educational institutions, graduating workers in the specialty of the required categories, working with military registration and enlistment offices of the Ministry of Defense to inform demobilized citizens about employment opportunities at the airport).

Technological solutions will also include an interaction procedure for the accelerated handling of transfer baggage was developed. A transfer of 12 flights from Aeroflot, Ikar, and Nordwind from Terminal D to other terminals will be provided, and together with the company-manufacturer of the baggage system, solutions have been developed to optimize the performance of the baggage system, which will increase its capacity by 17%.

As a part of the organizational measures, the baggage transfer division was strengthened. The company also announced strategic measures that will provide the necessary “margin of safety” for the future.

The airport further notes that the implementation of operational activities, with the maximum personal participation by the Mayor of Moscow S.S. Sobyanin, Moscow Transport Minister M.S. Liksutov, Governor of the Moscow Region A.Y. Vorobyov, and the full support of the Government of Moscow and the Moscow Region, the Ministry of Transport of the Moscow Region, the Moscow Metro, have a significant impact on the stabilization and alignment of production processes.