EpiVacCorona-N Vaccine Will Be Registered Under the Aurora-CoV Brand

Photo: Bernama

The Aurora-CoV trademark will be used to market the Epivakkorona-N coronavirus vaccine, which is presently in clinical testing. This is noted in a joint statement released by Rospatent and Rospotrebnadzor’s State Scientific Center for Virology and Biotechnology Vector, TASS reports.

The Aurora-CoV trademark has been registered by Rospatent. According to the statement, the Aurora-CoV trademark is intended to be used as the name for a new generation of the EpiVacCorona vaccine, the EpiVacCorona-N vaccine, which is presently in clinical testing.

On June 18, 2021, the Vector center submitted a trademark and service mark registration application.

Since the start of the pandemic, more than 30 applications for novel vaccinations against COVID-19 have been submitted, with patents awarded for 16 of them, according to Grigory Ivliev, the head of Rospatent.

Domestic vaccine producers use a holistic approach to vaccine protection, patenting not only the substance and composition of the first and second components of the vaccine, but also the methods of application, manufacture of individual components, and numerous vaccination forms. According to Rospatent, registering a trademark for a patented invention provides substantial benefits in terms of marketing the goods both in Russia and abroad.