State Duma to Develop Proposals for Reducing Domestic Prices of Metals

The State Duma will work out proposals aimed at solving the problem of rising prices for metals on the domestic market, the Chairman of the State Duma Viacheslav Volodin said.

“The State Duma will work out proposals within a week. It is unacceptable when prices for products rise unreasonably on the domestic market, and companies receive super-profits, knowing perfectly well at whose expense,” Volodin pointed out.

The State Duma has already discussed the issue of raising the price of metals by 50%, while “for roofing iron and other metal products, there has been an even greater rise in prices.” “An instruction has been given to the State Duma Control Committee to research the reasons for the rise in prices for building materials,” Volodin explained.

The rise in metal prices led to additional costs for citizens, the state, and also affected the cost of housing in new buildings.